Positioned for the Future – A Shift from Fuels to Petrochemicals

With new transportation technologies and regulations, refiners are shifting production from fuels to petrochemicals.

This is due to expected future declines in fuels demand, combined with significant petrochemical demand growth expectations throughout the world. New grassroots complexes are being built around the world with petrochemicals integration to meet this demand growth, and to enable increased margins. Learn how UOP is helping refiners understand what the refinery of the future looks like and define for themselves how to step into the future for each unique situation.

This paper presents a potential stepwise petrochemical integration strategy developed for a typical fluid catalytic cracker (FCC) based U.S. refinery focused on making Tier 3-compliant fuels. The investment steps build upon each other, and may be implemented sequentially, depending upon market conditions and the availability of capital.

It also presents examples highlighting the importance of scrutinizing Invitation to Bid (ITB) configurations to determine if higher value solutions are possible.

To demonstrate how the benefits of UOP technology play out in practice, two case studies are provided.

Matt Griffiths

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