Sulfur Recovery
Date: September 16, 2020
Time: 2:30 PM KL
Location: ON24
Duration: 1 hour
On-demand webinar recording

More stringent sulfur dioxide (SO2) emissions regulations are driving up the opportunity cost of downtime, unexpected failures, and emissions exceedances in sulfur recovery facilities. Design practices common in the industry are the root cause of unacceptably low reliability in sulfur recovery facilities, leading refiners to reduce the complex-wide sulfur load.

UOP’s Ortloff™ group has developed proven design concepts and procedures to address these issues and preserve the mechanical integrity of the sulfur plant, enabling high on-stream efficiency and the ability to meet emission limits during all operating scenarios.

Join us for a webinar to:

  • Learn about UOP Ortloff’s unique design concepts for sulfur recovery,
  • Discover how to reduce SO2 emissions during all phases of operation, including startup and shutdown, and
  • Examine the impact of higher reliability on refinery and gas plant profitability.


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Kelley LaRue
Lead Process Engineer
Honeywell UOP

Kelley LaRue is a Lead Process Engineer in Honeywell UOP’s Ortloff Sulfur Technologies group. Kelley joined Ortloff Engineers (now Honeywell UOP) in 2008. Her experience in the gas processing industry includes process simulation and optimization of sulfur recovery systems, as well as project proposal and process design package development.

Prior to joining Ortloff, Kelley worked as an Operations Engineer on several offshore production platforms in the Gulf of Mexico. She has a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from Texas Tech University and she and her husband now live in Lubbock, Texas with their 6-year-old daughter and 2-year-old son.

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Hank Hudson
Sr. Business Leader, Sulfur Technologies
Honeywell UOP

Hank Hudson is Honeywell UOP’s Sr. Business Leader for Sulfur Technologies. He is also responsible for leading the development of new technology for NGL / LPG recovery and LNG processing.

Hank began his career at The Ortloff Corporation in Midland, Texas in 1976 as a cooperative education student while attending Texas A&M University. Upon his graduation, Ortloff offered Hank (and he accepted) a full-time position as a Process Engineer. He continued to serve in a variety of capacities and increasing responsibilities until the acquisition by Honeywell UOP.

A coauthor of more than 700 patents in the U.S. and other countries, Hank holds a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from Texas A&M. He also holds a Master of Science in Engineering, which he usually does not admit because this degree is from Texas Tech University. He is licensed as a Professional Engineer in Texas, as well as in several other states of no real importance.

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