Date: 21st April 2020
Time: 11:00 AM - 11:45 AM Dubai, UAE
Location: Location of the webinar
Duration: 40mins
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HCFC22 is being phased out around the world because of its ozone depleting potential. Alternatives have been successfully developed but some applications can pose additional challenges. In this talk we will review the various alternatives to R22 that are compliant with the phase regulation. Retrofitting R22 systems guidelines will also be discussed.


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Wisnik Pawel
Senior Engineer
Pawel has over twenty years’ experience in commercial refrigeration. During his career he was also dealing with large scale industrial systems. He was holding positions of a designer, project engineer, project manager and key account manager. Throughout his years of experience he was designing, selling and supervising both assembling and commissioning of various kind of systems with capacity range up to 1 MW. He is keen on design optimization and operating efficiency improvement.

Pawel is a graduate of Warsaw University of Technology in refrigeration. Currently Pawel is the Advanced Application Engineer for Honeywell refrigerants based in Warsaw PL.
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Ahmed Ali
Lead Application Engineer
HONEYWELL Fluorine products
Ahmed has an overall experience of 14 years with 7 YEARS in HVAC/R with a significant focus on industrial & commercial refrigeration that includes design of heat exchangers, pressure vessels, piping & heat load calculations, 4 YEARS in energy efficiency that includes performance contracting, ASHRAE level audits in data center cooling, process cooling, compressed air, building energy, and 3 YEARS in oil & gas / subsea industry that includes design of onshore/offshore components using FEA.

Ahmed did his Masters in Mechanical Engineering from UNIVERSITY OF DAYTON, OHIO with a GPA equivalent to Summa Cum Laude and he is currently working as an Application Engineer at fluorine products group in HONEYWELL, UAE.
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