Tips and Tricks for
Reliable and Safe KF Titration
Date: Tuesday, October 10, 2023
Time: 9-10 AM EST / 3-4 PM CET
Location: Zoom
Duration: 1 hour
On-demand webinar recording

Would you like to improve your knowledge about Karl Fischer (KF) titration?

Join our live webinar with the titration experts from Honeywell and METTLER TOLEDO.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How to perform successful KF titration using a helpful checklist
    • Identification of the sample
    • Choosing a proper sample size
    • Correct sample preparation
    • Using proper KF reagents and auxiliaries
  • Difference between coulometric and volumetric KF titrations
  • Recommendations for proper titer determinations
  • Proper usage and handling of water standards
  • Which CMR-free KF reagents can be used for safer KF titrations


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Dr. Roman Neufeld
Senior Research Scientist
Roman works as a Senior Research Scientist, leading the development of new and innovative Karl Fischer (KF) reagents. As one of the major experts in the KF water determination methodology, he also provides superior support to a global customer base on technical queries and application development for KF titration. His newest patent-pending development includes the first commercially available alcohol-and imidazole-free KF reagents for highly accurate water determination in modern lithium-ion battery electrolytes.
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Dr. Leila Mosberger
Applications Specialist, Titration
Leila has a PhD in inorganic chemistry and ten years research and development experience in bioinorganic and medicinal chemistry at Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH), Zurich University (UZH) and Zurich University Hospital (USZ). As an Applications Specialist, she works in application development, customer support and sales, as well as internal and external trainings. With her expertise in electrochemistry, she focuses on method development and optimization in KF titration and its automation in the Lithium Ion Battery field.
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