Date: July 07, 2020
Time: 2:00 PM IST
Location: ON24
Duration: 1 hour
On-demand webinar recording

Please join our webinar, The Journey to Sustained Profitability: A New Era for Alkylation with Ionic Liquid Alkylation. Featured speakers are Chevron’s Principal Scientist and Fellow, Dr. Hye Kyung Timken, and UOP’s Alkylation & Treating Sr. Business Leader, Dr. Rajesh Gattupalli.

This event introduces the award-winning ISOALKY™ Technology, a commercially viable next-generation alkylate gasoline manufacturing process with performance benefits (yield, product octane number, safety and environmental) over the conventional acid-based processes. The ISOALKY™ Catalyst is a non-volatile ionic liquid that operates efficiently via on-line regeneration with the added benefits of no acid soluble oil (ASO) disposal and no solid by-product formation. It provides fuels manufacturers with an option that provides dramatic improvements in the efficient production of alkylate gasoline with far simpler handling procedures.

You’ll learn:

  • The science behind ISOALKY Technology and how it uses a non-volatile ionic liquid catalyst that operates with on-line regeneration, without acid soluble oil (ASO) disposal or any solid by-product formation
  • How integrating ISOALKY Technology in revamps can provide octane number boost and plant capacity increase
  • Why ISOALKY Technology provides greater flexibility in processing various olefin feedstocks
  • New opportunity of ethylene to alkylate gasoline with ISOALKY Technology

Plus, you’ll gain insight on best practices and lessons learned in a real-life case study based on five years of testing in a Chevron demonstration plant, and update of the commercial plant start-up.


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Dr. Rajesh Gattupalli
Senior Business Leader

Dr. Rajesh Gattupalli is the Senior Business Leader for Honeywell UOP’s Alkylation & Treating business. Rajesh joined UOP in 2008, and served in a variety of roles including Senior Product Marketing Manager for UOP’s Hydroprocessing product line, Principal Process Consultant for complex Refining & Petrochemical Integration projects and R&D. His contributions include developing and commercializing multiple technologies in the Refining and Petrochemical area, providing innovative integration solutions, and driving technology enhancements based on customer needs.

Dr. Gattupalli holds a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from India, a Master of Science and a PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Rhode Island. He holds 21 US Patents and is a featured author in several leading industry journals.

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Dr. Hye Kyung Timken
Principal Scientist, Chevron Fellow
Dr. Hye Kyung Timken is a Principal Scientist and Chevron Fellow. She has been the R&D manager for ISOALKYâ„¢ Alkylation Technology development and commercialization for Chevron. During her 30+ year industrial career she has worked on research and development for next-generation petroleum refining and petrochemical processes and catalysts.

Dr. Timken holds 120 US patents and has published 17 scientific journal articles. She holds a Ph.D. degree in Physical Chemistry from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, a MS degree in Inorganic Chemistry and a BS degree in Chemistry from Yonsei University, in Seoul, Korea. Throughout her career, she has pursued learning of fundamentals of catalytic materials, then applied the knowledge to industrial catalytic processes to create higher value products (cleaner fuels and base oils, high performing lubricant additives, petrochemical intermediates) and improved manufacturing processes.
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