Data Integrity and Full Traceability
for Volumetric Karl Fischer Titration
Date: Tuesday, September 29, 2020
Time: 09:00 AM Central European Summer Time
Location: Location of the webinar
Duration: 1 Hour
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Volumetric Karl Fischer (KF) titration is an absolute method for the determination of the water content and the reference method in many industries. The analytical sequence is influenced by several important factors:

  • selection of the correct titrant and working medium
  • selection of the correct certified standard for titer determination
  • conditioning of the titration cell to ensure that the working medium is water free before sample addition
  • sample addition and transfer of the sample weight, especially for a back-weighing procedure
  • titer determination of the KF titrant
  • the Karl Fischer titration itself – never miss the right moment for titration start
  • replacement of the working medium when it is exhausted or when the titration vessel is full

OMNIS – Metrohm’s new titration platform and the NextGen Smart Reagents from Honeywell offer the most advanced solution for this. Learn how manual handling of titrant data can be avoided and how your SOP can be fully programmed as an operating procedure in the OMNIS software. In that way, every step of the analysis is recorded in the software and there is no more need for a separate paper documentation. Full data integrity is guaranteed!

By attending this webinar, you will learn…

  • how modern Karl Fischer titrators improve safety in the lab and can prevent handling or application errors
  • how modern KF reagents can help to prevent data handling errors
  • how you simplify your documentation and maintain data security and integrity

Who should attend?

Lab chemists, laboratory managers, quality control professionals, pharmaceutical industry professionals or simply everybody that is interested in titration.


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Michael Margreth
Senior Product Specialist Titration
Metrohm International Headquarters, Switzerland
Michael Margreth is a Senior Product Specialist for Karl Fischer Titration at Metrohm International Headquarters in Herisau, Switzerland. Previously, he worked as Application Specialist for Titration at Metrohm AG. He studied chemistry at the University of Basel, Switzerland and at the FHBB in Muttenz, Switzerland. He obtained his degree in chemistry and joined Metrohm in 2005.
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Dr. Christian Haider
Head of Competence Center Titration
Metrohm AG
Dr. Haider joined Metrohm AG in the year 2002 as Application Specialist Titration. As Head of the Competence Center Titration he leads a team of Product Managers, Product Specialists and Application Chemists for all different titration techniques, pH and conductivity measurement, titration automation and software.
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Agnieszka Kossakowska
HYDRANAL Marketing Specialist
Honeywell Research Chemicals
Agnieszka joined Honeywell in March 2016 as a marketing specialist providing technical support and on-site seminars for Honeywell’s Hydranal™ reagents for Karl Fischer titration. She has more than 10 years of experience in analytical chemistry and conducts trainings worldwide.
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Dr. Roman Neufeld
Research Scientist
Hydranal Center of Excellence, Honeywell Research Chemicals
Roman joined Honeywell in 2017 as an Application Chemist, providing support to a global customer base on technical queries and application development for Karl Fischer titration. Since 2018, he has expanded his role to include development of new and innovative Hydranal reagents to stay ahead of market needs.
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