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Over the past hundred years, glass has been the gold standard of pharmaceutical packaging.

That’s changing with Aclar Edge™.

Aclar Edge bottles and vials deliver uncompromising moisture barrier with unmatched durability.

Our bottles and vials’ are developed utilizing new proprietary Aclar Edge™ barrier technology enabling an ultra-high moisture barrier without the limitations of glass.

We are pleased to offer samples for testing; simply fill out the form on this page and check the box to be contacted by a Honeywell representative.
  • Oral Liquids: Improved safe handling and manufacturing efficiency for oral liquids compared to glass.
  • Animal Health: Our vials for animal health are ideal for challenging formulations and safer administration in the field.
  • Vaccines and Biologics: New development work to provide gamma sterilizable small vial formats with low surface energy and low extractables.
  • Pediatric Formulations: We provide pediatric formulation protection for our most precious patients with ultra-low extractables and leachables.
  • Labware: Our labware bottles provide high chemical resistance and are free of additives, modifiers and plasticizers.
  • Personal Care: Create unique brand recognition for personal care products with our flexible design capabilities.
  • Custom Applications: Maintain moisture barrier with custom applications in different shapes, sizes and colors.

Honeywell Advanced Materials President George Koutsaftes recently sat down with Dr. Scott Gottlieb, former US FDA Commissioner, to talk about vaccine development while in a pandemic and what the future of vaccine development may look like. Use the link below to access the on-demand interview.

On-Demand Webinar

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Shattering Conventions: Vaccine Development
Duration: 45 minutes
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