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Discover Aclar EDGE™ Key Features

Uncompromising moisture barrier. Unmatched durability.

Our bottles and vials’ are developed utilizing new proprietary Aclar Edge™ barrier technology enabling an ultra-high moisture barrier without the limitations of glass.

We are pleased to offer samples for testing; simply fill out the form on this page and check the box to be contacted by a Honeywell representative.

  • Oral Liquids: Improved safe handling and manufacturing efficiency for oral liquids compared to glass.
  • Animal Health: Our vials for animal health are ideal for challenging formulations and safer administration in the field.
  • Pediatric Formulations: We provide pediatric formulation protection for our most precious patients with ultra-low extractables and leachables.
  • Labware: Our labware bottles provide high chemical resistance and are free of additives, modifiers and plasticizers.
  • Personal Care: Create unique brand recognition for personal care products with our flexible design capabilities.
  • Custom Applications: Maintain moisture barrier with custom applications in different shapes, sizes and colors.

Find out how Aclar Edge bottles and vials will provide a new alternative to the challenges of glass usage in healthcare by viewing our on-demand webinar.

On-Demand Webinar

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Innovative Technology Solutions for Glass Alternatives in Healthcare On-demand webinar recording
Duration: 45 minutes
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